Filling out the paperwork in a development application can be a confusing process.

Now the Cowichan Valley Regional District has published a user-friendly reference guide to help homeowners and developers through that process.

Ross Blackwell, General Manager of Land Use Services said the guide is designed to explain complex topics related to community planning and land use services in a simplified way.

“One of the things in that development handbook is the definition of the various key terms and phrases and technical references and so forth.”

The Handbook also defines the differences between types of development
permit applications, how to complete an application, and the approval process for each application type.

He says much has changed over the years including, “Issues like riparian health, ecosystem protection and so forth. Some 30 or 40 years ago that may not have been a priority for the community but now, it’s a key priority for the community. So, we’ve had to evolve our regulations and process to protect the community values,”

The 50-page Handbook is available online or you can get a hard-copy version at the front counter of the CVRD’s Ingram Street office.