Cowichan Secondary School has served as the common thread for students for decades and is a key piece of the community fabric.

The school turns 68 years old today and there is a celebration commemorating its decades of service as a cornerstone of education in the Cowichan Valley.

School District 79 Board Chair Candace Spilsbury said the facility has stood the test of time.

“It’s still in a well-maintained position even though some of the millwork, some of the flooring, of course, the wood construction is still the same, but it’s a school that’s done a wonderful service over 68 years,” said Spilsbury.

School staff is inviting the media, community partners, and nearly seven generations of students to celebrate in the gym at 10:15 a.m.

Spilsbury said entire families have attended the local school.

“So many community members have gone there for their schooling and return with their kids and grandkids,” said Spilsbury.”It’s a wonderful old building, we are advocating for its graceful retirement and replacement, but we still want to honour all of the wonderful years it’s provided us.”

The school district is working to complete a project definition report and when it’s done it will be submitted to the province.

The goal is to receive provincial funding to replace the school.