Design plans have been completed for the Port of Nanaimo’s new downtown boat basin marina.

Co-CEO Mike Davidson said the new marina, the design of which is the result of plenty of stakeholder input, will increase available moorage by 50 per cent, using the same footprint.

“The biggest change there is some realignment of the docks to create a more efficient use of the space and the biggest component there is moving from, all our docks right now are alongside moorage, and with the new realignment it will include slips.”

Davidson said there will also be, “An increased area for our food vendors, floating restaurants, better access for the kayakers and the dragonboat types of users, better access for Protection Island, we got our adventure dock, we’ve got whalewatching.”

A request for funding has been provided to the federal government for the 15 million dollars for the project, and once the funding is in place, construction will follow.

The marina will be built in phases over a five-year period, beginning with the outside northerly floats.