Students at Ecole Cobble Hill are getting into the holiday spirit through the ‘Everybody Deserves A Smile Kindness Care Package Project.’

School District 79 Communications Manager Mike Russell said it’s awesome to see these young kids engaging in this project.

“Our students are leading the collection of warm winter clothes, namely toques, scarves, and winter socks for 380 packages they’re looking to deliver throughout our communities,” said Russell. “This is an awesome project that they’re leading, they’re trying to have an impactful holiday season.”

Russell said it’s great to see how engaged the students are in this project.

“It’s awesome to see young students getting involved in this and really starting to put their hearts into community service,” said Russell. “It brings a lot to the community, not just in terms of seeing the finishing product, but the fact that our youngest generation is really involved in doing this and have community service and others in their mind.”

Anyone interested in donating to this project can go to Ecole Cobble Hill, Drumroaster Coffee in Cobble Hill, Kerry Park Arena, or Rona.