Ottawa police have now confirmed one victim of this morning’s shootings has died.   He was the soldier guarding the National War Memorial, who was the first to be shot in the unfolding incident.

Then at least one gunman made his way to Parliament Hill. Ottawa police also have confirmed a shooting in the Parliament Buildings, where a suspect was killed, but they now say there was not one at the Rideau Centre, a nearby shopping mall, as they’d earlier thought.

The PMO says the Prime Minister is safe and secure away from Parliament Hill. Justin Trudeau and Tom Mulcair are both safe as well. There is still heavy police presence moving through Ottawa’s downtown core as police search for as many as two other suspects.

Nanaimo Alberni MP James Lunney Tweeted this earlier: “#HOC in Lockdown, lone gunman shot security guard, shot his way down Hall of Honor….we are all safe. Gunman dead! Thnk God & our scrty!”

Nanaimo Cowichan’s Jean Crowder was attending a Human Rights Tribunal hearing nearby when word came of the shootings.

Meanwhile, the White House is offering any assistance Canada wants. U-S President Barack Obama will be calling Prime Minister Stephen Harper this afternoon.

Harper will give a speech to the Nation this evening. The time hasn’t been announced.

The following photos went sent to Vista News by an MP staffer in Ottawa:

Emergency Responders Centre Block RCMP responders Wellington Street Swat Team on 131 Queen St.