Tis the season for Christmas parties and ICBC’s CounterAttack program is back and looking to keep people from driving while impaired.

Since the program began in 1977, the number of fatalities on BC roadways has gone way down, but Road Safety Coordinator Colleen Woodger said impaired driving is still killing a lot of people.

“Impaired driving is still the leading criminal cause of death in Canada and remains in the top three contributing factors of fatal crashes,” said Woodger. “Yes, going from 300 (deaths) to 68 is amazing, but we still have 68 people who are killed because someone chose to drink and drive.”

On December 1, CounterAttack turns 41-years-old and Woodger said it’s important to keep in mind when the bulk of the crashes happen.

“These crashes are happening specifically on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, so if you’re going to be on the road, remain focused, remove all distractions, and drive safely. The majority of crashes happen between 9 am and 3 pm.”

The program starts tomorrow.

If you’re hosting an event involving alcohol, you can order your Special Event Permit Kit and remind your guests to get home safely.