The RCMP is sharing some important holiday reminders.

Constable Gary O’Brien said it’s important to arrange for rides anytime you plan on drinking or you plan on consuming recreational drugs.

“This is the time of year that people make some poor choices, there are a number of Christmas parties kicking off this weekend and we’ll have a lot of officers on the roads and on the highways, ensuring that our roads are safe,” said O’Brien. “Drinking and, or drugs are unacceptable, carrying marijuana in your car is one issue that we’re finding quite frequently, and passengers deciding to smoke marijuana is another one.”

O’Brien said if you leave anything valuable in your car, you’re inviting a thief to break into it.

“Thieves take advantage of people this time of year and by leaving anything of value in your car, you’re just inviting a thief to break into it,” said O’Brien.

He said it’s also important to make sure you have winter tires on your vehicle and that it’s properly maintained.