Cowichan Search and Rescue is staying put for the time being.

SAR has signed a one year lease at its current location and that lease is set to expire next October.

President of the local Search and Rescue organization, Jamie Tudway-Cains says a better solution still needs to be found.

“As grateful as we are for that (lease), we’re still hoping to come up with a more permanent solution,” said Tudway-Cains. “It’s hard to live year-by-year, not knowing what’s going to happen next year.”

Tudway-Cains said it has been a very busy year.

“It’s probably one of our busiest seasons yet, I think in the last 10 months or so, we up to 20-25 incidents already,” said Tudway-Cains. “Each incident lasted anywhere from a few hours to weeks.”

Past-president, Dewi Griffiths served in the role for four years and Tudway-Cains said he hopes he can do as good a job as Griffiths’ did.