The Nanaimo Hospital Foundation is hoping to raise one point 8 million dollars for the cardiology department at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital.

The executive officer of the Foundation, Janice Perrino said patients from the Malahat to the northern tip of the Island use the department.

She said the department has grown over the past four years from one cardiologist to three and a fourth one is expected to arrive by the spring.

“It’s a department that’s growing very quickly. So, it has two problems. We have outdated equipment and it’s very small. So, we are going to buy them all new equipment and we are going to expand the department here (Nanaimo) as well as at Oceanside.”

Perrino said the waiting list can be months long and she’s hoping the improvements will reduce that time to half.

To reach that goal, Perrino said they don’t have a specific fundraiser planned, she says they simply ask the community for support.

They’ll ask past donors for help, along with other Island residents, businesses and service clubs and she’s optimistic people will give to the campaign.

You can donate online at or call the Foundation at 250-755-7690.