The John Horgan government, along with the BC Green Party, have released their Climate Plan for the province going forward.

Horgan said the plan relies on reducing climate pollution by shifting homes, vehicles, industry, and business off burning fossil fuels and toward greater use of clean B.C. electricity and other renewable energies.

The lone Liberal MLA on Vancouver Island, Parksville-Qualicum’s Michelle Stilwell said at first glance the plan relies on the completion of Site C like never before.

“They are putting much more of an increase on electrification and getting away from fossil fuels which is kind of interesting seeing as how the Greens and the NDP fundamentally, for ten years, were against Site C and now are putting forward a climate action plan that will rely on electrification for the province to the nth degree.”

Stilwell says B.C. shouldn’t be the only province in Canada to raise the bar so high.

“Honestly, I don’t think it needs to be a one or the other (electricity vs fossil fuels). It needs to be a union of both of those and be able to ensure that we are doing the best we can for climate action, but British Columbia shouldn’t be the only province in Canada who is raising the bar so high which is having an impact on our economy.”