A petting zoo, campsites, new tennis courts, and fenced dog areas are just a few of the ideas the City of Duncan has heard regarding the draft Master Plan for McAdam and Rotary Park.

City staff has held drop-in sessions and provided an online survey at the City of Duncan website in an effort to generate ideas for what some future uses of these parks are and prioritize the best ones.

Manager of Planning Danica Rice said bringing revenue-generating ventures to the parks would go a long way to making Duncan parks tourist destinations.

“In other communities, they have merry-go-rounds that can make over a million dollars a year in revenue, that’s big money for this town,” said Rice. “Looking at economic development tools and stimulating people’s thoughts to think outside the box has been what this phase is all about.”

Staff is hoping to wrap up this phase of the project by December 17.

Glenda Kirk was ‘horrified’ that some of these ideas included a petting zoo, a nine-hole disc golf course, campsites, tree houses, and fenced dog areas.

Rice said idea generation is key to the development of this plan, but it’s a long-term process.

“It’s a long-term planning exercise, it’s not all happening in one day and we’re trying to engage the entire community,” said Rice. “Our job is to stimulate thought in people and to get them to think outside the box. When people say ‘let’s go to Beacon Hill Park,’ what’s the first thing they want to do there? They want to go to the petting zoo. It’s a draw for bringing people there.”

If you want to weigh in on what you think McAdam Park and Rotary Park should be used for in the future, visit the City of Duncan website and fill out the survey on PlaceSpeak.