It’s up to the province to decide where to go with Island rail.

That’s after the Island Corridor Foundation, municipal and provincial government officials and First Nations members met in a roundtable to talk about the future of rail.

CEO of the Island Corridor Foundation Larry Stevenson said the participants exchanged a variety of ideas.

“We certainly recognize it was an important discussion. It really was about what transportation looks like on the Island over the next 30 years. When I say it was a roundtable, it was truly a roundtable, we went around the table and each participant was asked to comment and the discussion was certainly robust. It was an exchange of ideas among the participants and also it was an opportunity to discuss the challenges that we face in the future, both on the Island and for rail.”

Stevenson said the meeting participants made it clear that they are looking for a commitment from the province towards reinstating rail on the Island.

There’s been no word from the province since that meeting took place a week ago.