The Canadian Federation of University Women is establishing a new scholarship at Vancouver Island University.

The Federation’s Nanaimo Ocean Sciences/Marine Biology Celebration Award will provide an annual scholarship of 2,000 dollars to a woman in her third or fourth year of studies in a program related to ocean sciences, marine biology or fisheries and aquaculture.

William Litchfield, the Chief Advancement Officer, and VIU said 3300 scholarships, bursaries and awards are handed out to students annually and they are valued.

“For a lot of the students in our region, the scholarship is whether they can or can’t attend, or can’t attend full time and so it helps keep kids in our region, helps attract youth to our region. It’s that ability to actually change course for a student that they can actually come and get their education where they wouldn’t be in that position.”

The Canadian Federation of University Women Nanaimo endowment started more than 15 years ago with a donation of 25,000 dollars.

Since 2000, more than 60,000 dollars has been distributed to VIU students in the Foundation’s name.