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HomeNewsE-Comm is out with its top 10 list of 9-1-1 headscratchers

E-Comm is out with its top 10 list of 9-1-1 headscratchers

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Topping the list in 2018 was someone who called the emergency line to complain that a local fast food restaurant wasn’t open 24 hours a day, as advertised.

E-Comm’s Corporate Communications Manager Jasmine Bradley said call-takers have a protocol to go through, even if the call is bizarre.

“Each call that comes into our centre must be answered and treated seriously no matter how ridiculous the reason might sound. Call takers can’t disconnect the call right away, they need to take the time to ask a bunch of questions, to listen to background noises so they can determine whether or not there’s actually a real emegency happening and that caller just might be able to speak freely.”

Bradley said while the calls seem funny, they monopolize call-taker time, tie-up a 911 line and take up resources that could be better used assisting those who ‘actually’ need immediate help.

A 9-1-1 Police Dispatch Centre is being built in Saanich and is expected to be ready to go early in 2019.

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The top 10 list of ridiculous calls are:

1. To complain a local fast food restaurant wasn’t open 24-hours-a-day, as advertised
2. To complain a store won’t take shoes back without the original box
3. To complain that a gas station attendant put the wrong type of gas in their car
4. To report a rental company provided the wrong-sized vehicle for a customer’s reservation
5. To report a restaurant wouldn’t redeem a customer’s coupon
6. To ask for help turning off their car lights
7. To report their vehicle’s windshield wipers had stopped working
8. To find out where their car had been towed
9. To report a lost jacket
10. To ask if the clocks move forward or backward during the spring time change

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