The New Year is ringing in a rate decrease for those of us who pay MSP Premiums.

The premiums will be reduced by half.

However, many municipal increases will take effect, including sewer, water and garbage rates.

After years of dramatic increases in B.C.’s annual property assessments, B.C. Assessment says we are now seeing signs of moderation.

However, for Vancouver Island, home values increased as much as 20 per cent.

The rest of the province can expect increases of 5 to 15 per cent.

The 2019 property assessments are based on what was happening in the real estate market as of July 1 this year and have now been released.

Also, set to rise renters could see increases of 2 point 5 per cent and if you have natural gas, that bill is set to go up by nine per cent, or 68 dollars, based on the average annual use of a residential customer.