Increases in our listening area range from 11 to 16 per cent.

Gerry Marolla, deputy assessor at BC Assessment said you can compare your assessment to those of your neighbours.

“The first thing a property owner should really do is go to the website, look at their inventory, determine whether or not the inventory represents what is physically there on their property, review the sale and engage in a conversation with us.”

You can click here to compare assessments in your area.

If you disagree with your assessment you can appeal by contacting BC Assessment but you have to do it before January 31st.

Marolla says it’s important for people to recognize that just because your property value has gone up, it doesn’t mean your property taxes will go up by the same amount because municipalities will make adjustments for the increase.

In Ladysmith, assessments are up 11 per cent, home values are up 12 per cent in Duncan, 14 per cent in North Cowichan and 16 per cent in Lake Cowichan.

You can see the assessment changes on the BC Assessment website under the property information and trends tab.