The premier is looking to rebuild the coastal forest sector so that more logs and fibre are processed in this province.

John Horgan said there’s been a systemic decline in the coastal forest sector over most of the last two decades and, although it won’t happen at the stroke of a pen, his government is going to work to turn that around.

To that end, he has introduced the Coast Forest Sector Revitalization plan that has five main goals that include rebuilding solid wood and secondary industries to ensure more B.C. logs and fibre are processed in B.C.

“We also need to send a signal for the investment community that if there are dollars that want to come into the forest industry, we have fibre to meet that demand. We want to reduce the amount of logs going out and increase the amount of jobs being created from our logs.”

Horgan said effective July 1st of this year, the fee charged for log exports will be revised based on harvest economics.

He said penalties will also apply when waste is left in harvested areas that could have been further processed.