Island Health is looking for 100 people to participate in a hack-a-thon.

The term is borrowed from the tech sector and involves a group of people getting together to solve a problem.

Angela Wignall is the lead organizer of Code Hack and a registered nurse with Island Health.

“We are looking for community members, who have been our patients, nurses, physicians, designers, people who are passionate about experimentation and creating change.”

Participants will participate in a 24-hour brainstorming session to try to solve some of the challenges in our health system.

“How do we manage patients in hallways, how do we move people through the system in ways that take care of them and also make space for others who need care. That would be a hackable problem, what do we do about patient flow, how do we manage it, can we use a software solution, can we use a triage solution, things that we maybe haven’t tried before.”

The Island Health simulation lab, with mannequins that are powered by wireless technology to replicate real-life medical situations, will be available to teams and there will be a 3D printer on site.

The deadline for registration is January 31st.

The winning team will receive a cash prize and the opportunity to continue to work on their Code Hack idea.

For more information and to register, visit