The polls have closed in the Nanaimo by-election.

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A Liberal win will tip the balance of power in the Legislature and the importance of the vote may have prompted more Nanaimo voters to head to the polls.

A Liberal win would give the Grits 43 seats in the Legislature, equal to the seats held by the NDP and Green alliance and it would mean the Speaker of the House, Darryl Plecas will have to provide tie breaking votes on confidence matters, like the budget.

The Liberals last won the seat in 2001.

The turnout at the advance polls was 20 per cent of eligible voters.

That compares to an 18 per cent turnout in the 2017 general election.

A Mainstreet Research poll released Monday showed the Liberals’ Tony Harris had an 8 point lead.

The poll had been done late last week.