The Auditor General of B.C. has released her plans for the upcoming year when it comes to which books she’ll looking into.

Carol Bellringer said while the office was finalizing its plan, allegations surfaced about the misspending in the legislature and her office has begun an audit on the administrative processes in the Leg as a result.

“It’s going to be very deep, but we are going to try to break it up in small pieces, so there can be public reporting on each piece as we complete it so everyone is not sitting there waiting for a year for our office to finish it.”

As for the timing, Bellringer couldn’t say.

“All of the information we obtain has to be kept confidential until we issue it publicly and we issue it through the Speaker to the Assembly and then it’s made public”.

The Office of the Auditor General did raise concerns about the Legislature’s finances when it came to oversight in 2007, 2012 and in 2013.

Also in the Auditor’s sights this year will be performance audits on topics that include mental health and addictions, capital planning and programs that impact Indigenous peoples.

Bellringer says some audit work is wrapping up, including one on the oversight of contracted residential services for children and youth, and an audit of managing the environmental risks of non-operating oil and gas sites.