Cowichan Search and Rescue has sent three people to help look for a missing 32-year-old man near Merritt.

That’s after the man’s saddled horse was found by loggers in the area on Monday.

SAR president Jamie Tudway-cains said members are not often called out to the region.

“To the interior, it’s not that common. We definitely go, and especially when they require specific skills. Like the first set we sent in were two of our managers and one of our best trackers.”

The trio headed out on Wednesday to help look for the missing rider.

Tudway-cains said five other Cowichan SAR members were due to head out to the region this morning (Fri), but were told to stand down because the weather is about to take a turn for the worse.

It’s forecast to be minus 20 there with heavy snow on the way.