Advanced Driver Assistance System Recalibration

Advanced Driver Assistance System Recalibration

New vehicles come with new technology. Every year manufacturers are developing new ways to make your vehicle safer and easier to use. No other technology proves that more than the Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems, or ADAS for short.

What ADAS does

ADAS uses advanced cameras and sensors to constantly scan the road around you for any number of hazards. Thanks to ADAS your vehicle can give you warnings if you start to drift into another lane. The sensors play an important role in warning you if there is a pedestrian near the car in low light conditions. The emergency braking and Forward Collisions Warning can detect if a collision is about to happen and start to apply the brakes, helping prevent collisions the driver may not even see coming!


With so much technology working to keep everyone safe, it takes a very specialized technician and equipment to maintain and repair the system. The ADAS is connected to your windshield in ways that make it very important to have it properly calibrated. An incorrectly calibrated ADAS can cause all kinds of problems, from late or early braking, to not being able to detect anything in front of you.

It’s more important than ever to maintain your windshield in case of damage. Before ADAS it was still incredibly important to repair any cracks in your glass; as any crack is waiting to become much worse, no matter the size. With ADAS in place the ability to recalibrate the ADA system is paramount and cannot be overstated!

Enter Speedy Glass Duncan! The team at Speedy Glass are highly trained and are will equipped to recalibrate any ADAS, on any make or model. During the repair or replacement of your windshield, the ultra-efficient Speedy Glass Duncan will recalibrate your ADAS. By the time you’re back in the driver’s seat you won’t be able to tell anything went wrong to begin with!

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Speedy Glass Duncan

Ken Matthews, and the team at Speedy Glass Duncan have been working for Duncan and the valley for years. Although Speedy Glass is a national business, Speedy Glass Duncan is as local as Shawnigan Lake Museum. Owned and operated by your friends and family, the team sees every customer the same way. Your best interests are always a priority, which is why Speedy Glass Duncan should be trusted with any Glass repair and ADAS calibration. Making Speedy Glass Duncan the most convenient way to fix your windshield and ADAS!

Your Advanced Driver Assistance System can save lives, and make driving so much more enjoyable. When something goes wrong with your windshield those functions can be compromised and only highly trained technicians can recalibrate ADAS. Speedy Glass Duncan is the best place to find an entire team trained and equipped to get you back on the road with a perfectly calibrated Advanced Driver Assisted System.


 Address: 2724 Beverly Street Unit 3 Duncan V9L 5C7
 Phone: (250) 748-3313