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Election 2014: Islands Trust

Here are the winners of the Islands Trustee races for the area (data courtesy Civic Info BC)

Islands Trust Councillor Candidate(s)
First Name Last Name Initial Gender Island Represented Acclaimed Votes Elected
David Critchley M Denman 365 YES
Laura Busheikin F Denman 351 YES
Melanie Mamoser F Gabriola 1056 YES
Heather Nicholas F Gabriola 925 YES
Sandy Pottle F Galiano 587 YES
George Harris Robert M Galiano 502 YES
Kate-Louise Stamford F Gambier YES 0 YES
Dan Rogers John M Gambier YES 0 YES
Tony Law M Hornby YES 0 YES
Alex Allen M Hornby YES 0 YES
Susan Morrison A. F Lasqueti 142 YES
Timothy Peterson James M Lasqueti 113 YES
Jeanine Dodds Gay F Mayne 426 YES
Brian Crumblehulme M Mayne 328 YES
Dianne Barber North Pender 663 YES
Derek Masselink M North Pender 627 YES
Peter Grove Frederick M Salt Spring 2064 YES
George Grams Frederick M Salt Spring 1601 YES
Lee Middleton Robert M Saturna 160 YES
Paul Brent Sheldon M Saturna 151 YES
Wendy Scholefield Alison F South Pender 199 YES
Bruce McConchie Michael South Pender 118 YES
Peter Luckham M Thetis 157 YES
Ken Hunter M Thetis 146 YES
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