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The Winter Driving Conditions are here, are you ready?

With this blast of winter, ICBC has a few reminders to help drivers get from point A to point B safely.

The insurance giant is reporting that crashes peak on Vancouver Island during the winter months, in fact, 62 casualty crashes occur in February alone because drivers are going too fast.

Casualty crashes include fatalities and injuries and ICBC Road Safety Coordinator Colleen Woodger said it’s important to make sure your vehicle is free of snow and ice.

“It’s about getting the snow off the roof of your car, making sure all your lights are clear from the snow and the spray from the slush, ensuring that your vehicle’s prepared,” said Woodger. “If there’s ice on your windshield, chances are there’s ice on the road.”

The fine for not clearing the snow off your roof, or clearing the snow and ice from your windshield is $109 dollars.

Woodger said you need to be careful around snowplows, as the blades extend beyond the width of the vehicle.

“Farther back, you’ve got a better view of what’s going on, more time to react and give those maintenance workers the space they need to make the roads as safe as they can,” said Woodger.

Woodger said if you get in a collision and your vehicle isn’t equipped with winter tires, it doesn’t void your claim, but your insurance premiums will jump.

For more safe driving tips, click here.

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