Less than five percent of the once thriving Garry Oak ecosystem remains and we live in the only area of Canada where these ecosystems exist.

These areas are home to hundreds of plant and animal species that are at-risk to extinction if these habitats disappear.

A conservation workshop is coming to the Garry Oak Preserve in Duncan on March 10 and Communications and Engagement Manager with the Nature Conservancy of Canada Lesley Neilson said a number of experts will be on hand to educate the public.

“People who are interested in restoration and native plant gardening related to Garry Oak ecosystems are invited to come and learn from experts who will share their knowledge, tips, and techniques,” said Neilson. “People will have hands-on experience to do some of the activities that are helpful in restoring these areas.”

The Garry Oak ecosystem is home to more than one hundred plant and animal species, who are connected to this habitat and their existence relies on this extremely rare habitat.

Neilson said, “this is the only place in this country that has the warm Mediterranean climate, the dryness, and the heat that will allow these ecosystems to flourish.”

A special conservation workshop is coming to the Garry Oak Preserve at 1241 Maple Bay Road in Duncan on Sunday, March 10.

This habitat is found in the Cowichan Valley, in the Victoria area, on the Gulf Islands and some of the Lower Mainland.

It’s also found in Washington State and Oregon, however, Americans call it White Oregon Oak.

Pictures Courtesy: Nature Conservancy of Canada