Two items that affect most of us are on the way up.

One of those is the temperatures.

A number of temperature records were broken yesterday (Mon) in our listening area.

In the Malahat area the daytime high yesterday was 18 point 5 breaking the old record of 17 set in 1990. Records began in 1986.

In Nanaimo the mercury hit 18 point 5 breaking the old record of 16 point one set back in 1928. Records have been kept there since 1892.

The other increase is expected to hit us in the pocketbook.

The price of gas is on the rise.

The increase is being blamed on the annual switch to the more expensive summer blend of gasoline, along with spring maintenance on two of the four major refineries south of the border that serve the Pacific Northwest.

Dan McTeague with says what’s worse this won’t be the end of rising costs this spring, as increases to B.C.’s carbon tax go into effect April 1st that will take prices up another one point one cents per litre plus GST.