Organization aims to stop wildlife “killing contests”

The Humane Society International is calling on the BC Government to halt wildlife “killing contests”.

The organization says, in wildlife killing contests, contestants pay a fee and compete for cash and prizes to see who can kill the most or the largest animals in a specified period of time.

Julie MacInnes, wildlife campaign manager says the killings include wolves and cougars that are critical to increasing biodiversity and maintaining healthy ecosystems.

She says the wildlife killing contests are unscientific, inherently inhumane, and go against the ethics of most Canadians.

The organization cites two cases in B.C. where the practice is happening.

One is in Williams Lake, B.C. where, until March 31, contestants can pay 20 dollars to enter a “wolf-whacking contest” and the person with the most kills wins a prize.

The other is hosted by the Creston Valley Rod and Gun Club where contestants pay a 10 dollar entry fee and get points for killing wolves, coyotes, cougars and raccoons.

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