City of Duncan staff is conducting a full review of the Animal Regulation Bylaw, which was adopted back in 2014.

Chief Administrative Officer Peter de Verteuil said, in particular, staff is looking at a few sections of the existing bylaw.

“We’re just cleaning up some of the language, we’re reviewing certain sections like hen licencing provisions, as well as the wording around aggressive and dangerous dogs,” said de Verteuil. “Our current bylaw is based on the SPCA model and Animal Regulation Bylaw and the proposed bylaw is as well.”

de Verteuil said there are a few external agencies that will review the legislation before council does.

“It’s mostly just fine-tuning, getting ready for council, we’ll run it by the SPCA again, we’ll make sure the updates still fit and we usually do a legal review before council sees it,” said de Verteuil.

Mayor and council are expected to see the new Animal Regulation Bylaw next month or in June.

The existing bylaw was adopted back in 2014.

Lake Cowichan council has added new wording to its Animal Control Bylaw that addresses cruelty to animals in a new section of the bylaw.