The BC Chamber is asking the DFO to reconsider the new Chinook salmon fishing regulations.

The BC Chamber says there are better ways to manage the fishery like stakeholder investments in restoration, enhancements, and building of hatcheries.

The Chamber says the measures are proven to be effective and cites the successful restoration of Salmon stock in the Cowichan River as an example.

Val Litwin, BC Chamber CEO says closing fishing and relying on natural production in the wild is not going to achieve the desired recovery rates in the time frame all stakeholders want to see.

The Chamber says the season for fishing businesses in these areas has been cut from 120 days to 30 days in some cases, and even less in others and questions how the businesses are expected to survive when they are forced to limit their openings to one-quarter of their hours.

Three regions will be significantly impacted by catch and release restrictions, the Juan De Fuca Straight, the Southern Straight of Georgia, and the Fraser River.