This Easter weekend would be a good one to get your video shot to participate in BC’s popular Hands-on Cook-off contest.

Anna Brisco is a chef, registered dietitian and one of the judges in the contest.

She says families across BC are invited to participate in the video challenge that aims to inspire kids, teens, and adults to cook together and reap the valuable benefits of sharing meals.

“Things like better grades, better health, and overall social adaptability for children. It also can help the whole family improve their dietary intake, increase intakes of fruits and vegetables. It can also be very protective when it comes to behavioral problems, lower risk of disorderly eating and depression and that can carry through to adulthood. There’s lots of benefits.”

The Hands-on Cook-off contest runs to May 15th.

Any BC resident can enter the contest online by submitting a video of two or more people preparing a recipe together and having fun while doing so.

The video cannot be longer than three minutes and will be judged by a panel of judges including B.C.’s Minister of Agriculture.

There are multiple cash prizes of up to 1000 dollars that will be awarded.

In the ten years the contest has been running, 335 videos have been submitted from participants across BC and over 35,000 dollars in cash and in-kind prizes has been awarded.