The Regional Recreation Strategic Plan, in the making since 2015, is in the draft stage and the CVRD is looking for some feedback and guidance on it.

John Elzinga, the CVRD’s General Manager for Community Services said there were 7 strategies in the report for moving forward that addressed issues like financial barriers, increased marketing and a lack of a plan for arts and culture.

He said there were also comments on the infrastructure side of the equation.

“To maintain what we have before building anything else. If we are going to have a new facility to have it considered by all of our regional partners and we would look at multi-use facilities before looking at any single sport or activity.”

The roadmap that captures the collective desire, need and vision for recreation in the Cowichan region, is now available for public review and comment online at Placespeak or at our local recreation facilities.

Not in the plan yet, is a funding model.

The Regional Recreation Strategic Plan, supporting summary documents and a link to the
PlaceSpeak topic can be found here.