Everyone should be given the opportunity to die with dignity and the new Hospice House, expected to be operational next year, will give palliative patients that chance.

The Cowichan District Hospital Foundation presented a cheque to the new Hospice House recently.

The cheque, in the amount of $2,075,690.50 is going to help build a facility adjacent to Cairnsmore Place that will provide care for patients at the end of their lives.

Chair of the foundation, Alison Taylor said this space will be a welcome one for families who are with loved ones in palliative care.

“It’s so important and it is a unique type of healthcare service that you are providing, in terms of end-of-life care,” said Taylor. “It’s really centred around the person, but also their family and the elements of grief and caring for that individual at the same time.”

Taylor said the fundraising started with an initial pledge of one million dollars at the 2018 gala and it went from there.

“Following that, we launched a community matching campaign whereby we challenge the community to raise half a million dollars and the foundation would match dollar-for-dollar every pledge,” said Taylor. “The community did that in six weeks and the foundation matched those pledges, so, that’s where we get the two million dollars.”

Taylor said, “The additional funds were pledges that we received towards the project, over the half a million dollars that we intended to match.”

Unfortunately, many patients at the end of their lives have to spend their last days in hospital, with up to three roommates.