Crews have begun installing more centre median “picket” delineators on Highway 1 in Goldstream Park.

The province says the traffic cones will provide short-term safety improvements to the corridor.

More than 300 will be installed over the one point 6 kilometre stretch of highway.

The reflective delineators will be installed from north of Finlayson Arm Road to south of the Goldstream River Bridge.

The work will be carried out over five consecutive nights to reduce the impact to traffic and it should be done by Friday.

During the installation phase, nightly lane closures and single lane alternating traffic in both directions will go into effect starting at 8 and ending by 6 in the morning.

Reflective “picket” delineators were also installed over a 1 point 2-5 kilometre section of Highway 1 between Leigh Road and West Shore Parkway in early March.

As well as the new traffic cones, two digital speed reader boards will be installed this week in the West Shore area of Highway 1 and some lane closures will be in effect so that work can be done.