What happened to the Forest Review and Public Engagement?

That’s the question people, who are concerned about the logging operations on Stoney Hill, are asking.

A member of a group active on forestry logging practices in the Municipal Forest Reserve, Where Do We Stand, Icel Dobell said the 2019 to 2022 strategic plan is now posted on the North Cowichan website.

Icel Dobell said the top 6 priorities include engagement with stakeholders and protecting the environment yet equipment has now moved onto Stoney Hill to begin forestry operations there despite the public asking for public consultation on the issue.

“This is not an attack on council. We just keep saying the same things over and over again and it keeps getting lost. This is about different ways of harvesting the blowdown that hasn’t been looked at. One perspective has been put forward and one perspective is being followed. After 7 months of asking for many perspectives to be put forward, we are still sticking to the one, status quo perspective.”

There will be a protest tomorrow from noon to 1:30 (Wed) at the North Cowichan Municipal Offices.

A loosely knit group, concerned about the logging on Stoney Hill, has organized the event on social media.