Melissa Tooshley and Anderson Joe have sentencing hearings coming up in the next two months.

Tooshley’s fixed date for sentencing is June 25 and co-accused, Anderson Joe has a fixed date for sentencing on July 9.

Tooshley entered her guilty plea for failing to provide the necessities of life to Teddy on March 13, while Joe entered a guilty plea on the same count on May 8.

On February 16 of last year, SPCA Special Constable Matt Affleck found the dog starving, on a lead that was three to six inches long, and neck lacerations that were two centimetres in the back and five centimetres on the front of his neck.

His head was two to three times the normal size.

Since this case started, North Cowichan, Duncan, and Lake Cowichan councils have all adopted amendments to their animal control bylaws.