The North Cowichan-Duncan RCMP in partnership with Cowichan Community Policing, want to raise public awareness on how to respond when you see a dog in a hot car.

The two are urging people to download the Community Canine Heatstroke Responder checklist.

It’s a program designed by Michelle Sevigny, the founder of Dogsafe, and a former professional dog trainer and a police officer.

“Adrenaline gets high, emotions get high, we see a dog we want to help, maybe we don’t know the best way to help and if we are accusing people are not looking after the dog properly their defensive walls go up. Maybe we want to try and educate people so they make better choices in the future and ultimately we are going to help the dog.”

Dogsafe has designed a Dog in a Hot Car Responder Checklist designed to keep members of the public calm by laying out a step-by-step guide to use if you see a dog in a hot car.

You can download the Dog in a Hot Car Responder Checklist app if you have an android phone, or you can find the online version.

You can also download a decals you can put on your vehicle that says “My dog is home chilling” to show people you made the right decision.

“The idea being, telling people what not to do doesn’t really change behavior we want people to understand that. Look at all the cars in the parking lot, these are all dog owners who made really good decisions about leaving their dogs at home, let’s focus in on that. So, if I am pulling up beside a vehicle that’s got “My dog is chilling at home” maybe I will make a better decision.”