Chambers from across B.C. have wrapped up their annual general meeting and conference in Burnaby.

It was a banner year for the BC Chamber with 73 policies submitted and supported by 55 individual chambers.

One of those polices was submitted by the four Cowichan Valley Chambers including, Duncan Cowichan, Chemainus, Ladysmith, and Lake Cowichan as well as the Surrey Board of Trade.

Duncan Cowichan’s Julie Scurr said the Chambers want the surplus at WorksafeBC refunded to the employers who paid it.

“Their assets exceeded their liabilities by 153 per cent or 6 point 4 billion dollars. 7 of the other 12 provinces have implemented what is being called a targeted funding zone, so you set your ratio and maybe it’s at 130 or 135 per cent and then anything over that threshold is returned.”

“We are saying, absolutely WorkSafe BC you need to determine what your needs are for your administration, what your worker claim payouts are, you know, reserves for things that you think might be coming down the pipe as well as any increases in operations that you want to provide. But, you should put a number on that and if there’s any money left in the kitty you should rebate that back to employers because they will have overpaid their premiums.”

The passing of the policy means the B.C. Chamber of Commerce will advocate for that to happen with the province.

Other policies passed included one calling for more rental housing and the creation of a feasible market environment for rental housing providers.

Also getting attention, fifteen Vancouver Island Chambers called on the government to protect BC’s recreational fishing industry.