This fire season, Coastal Fire Centre crews have responded to 35 fires, including one in the Koksilah River Park area earlier today.

Fire Information Officer Donna MacPherson said it was a small fire and it’s under control.

“We did have a small fire that we responded to in the Koksilah Park area, we sent an initial attack crew, which is three people, very early this morning at about 6:30,” said MacPherson. “They managed to bring the fire under control, it was 0.01 hectare in size and human-caused.”

MacPherson said people need to be more cautious when out in the wilderness and they need to understand the restrictions in place.

“People need to respect the forest a little bit more, any activity that they’re undertaking out in the forest, if it could cause a fire they’re responsible for that, so be very careful,” said MacPherson. “We do have a category two open fire prohibition, which people normally call backyard burns. I want to remind people that that also includes large campfires.”

Category two states that you can’t light more than two burning piles that are more than two metres high by three metres wide and both stubble and grass fires can be no larger than point two hectares.

Click here for more information on open fires.

Campfires are permitted, but only if they are no more than half a metre high by half a metre wide, however bonfires and pallet fires are illegal.