Jill Atkey, CEO of the BC Non-Profit Housing Association says despite the best efforts by local community organizations and non-profits the services for those individuals don’t always wrap around their needs.

The province has announced 6 million dollars will be given to the Social Planning and Research Council of B.C. who will give the money out in grants to communities and organizations on the ground who are dedicated to finding local solutions to preventing homelessness.

Lorraine Copas, executive director, of the Council, says the funding will make a difference.

“Local organizations and non-profits are the front lines when it comes to the homelessness crisis. Everyone has been doing great work and creating partnerships to address it at all levels but there are always gaps in the system that trap people. I think if we are able to use this funding to actually make a difference to support local innovation and to really leverage what we know could make a difference. There’s a real chance for us to talk about, in B.C., homelessness being solvable.”

The Homelessness Action Grant application form will be available soon on the SPARC BC website.