The debate surrounding climate change was again up for discussion in the House of Commons recently.

Cowichan-Malahat-Langford NDP MP Alistair MacGregor said it’s possible to change the path we’re on.

“Too many people are apathetic or in outright denial of the change coming our way, too many are worried about their daily needs, or where their next pay cheque will come from,” said MacGregor. “However, I believe politics is an inherently optimistic enterprise and that with political will we can mount the herculean effort necessary to change our course. The old ways of thinking on the economy and the environment are over.”

However, that “herculean” effort has been made more challenging by the passing of Bill 10, a bill that resulted in the Greens walking out of the BC Legislature in protest, back in April.

The passing of Bill 10 means the Horgan government is providing six billion dollars in subsidies to the LNG industry and Cowichan Valley MLA Sonia Furstenau said it will add four million tonnes of greenhouse gases.

MacGregor said the time for action is now.

“Now is the time to completely end fossil fuel subsidies, to divest from polluting industries, to decarbonize our economy, and to help transition working people to the new clean energy economy of the future,” said MacGregor. “It is for this reason that I’m excited about the NDP’s power to change, a new deal for climate action and good jobs, the first comprehensive plan to address both the needs of the environment and the Canadian workers in a realistic and meaningful way.”

With the controversial passing of Bill 10 in the BC Legislature, four megatonnes of greenhouse gases will be added to the environment, but despite all that, the Horgan government is still confident it can reach the emission reduction targets.

Those targets have been set at a 40 percent reduction by 2030, and 60 percent by 2040.