With one week left in this sitting, MP’s are burning the midnight oil in the House of Commons in Ottawa.

Cowichan-Malahat-Langford MP Alistair MacGregor said with the Trudeau Liberals placing time allocation and closure motions on a lot of legislation, it’s been challenging and frustrating.

“They’re running out of time so they’re basically shutting off debate on a whole slew of bills and it’s really making it tough for us, in the opposition, to give voice to these pieces of legislation, on behalf of our constituents,” said MacGregor. “It’s profoundly undemocratic and not really showing respect for parliament, but that’s the environment we’re operating in right now.”

MacGregor said this session has seen marathon sittings.

“We sit until midnight each night and there have been vote calls at random times during the day,” said MacGregor. “Right now, the government is ‘all hands on deck,’ trying to sort out which of their bills they need to prioritize. We’re getting a lot of bills that are being amended by the Senate, so anytime the Senate amends a bill, it has to come back to the house so we can consider the amendment.”

In other news, The Trudeau Liberals have announced the end of single-use plastics by the year 2021 and MacGregor is proud of the work his colleagues, Nathan Cullen, and Gord Johns have done with regard to this issue.