Through a year and a half of community engagement, the region has made its wishes known, people want more trails and a plan for arts and culture.

Staff at the CVRD have outlined seven priorities in the Regional Recreation Strategic Plan, including making sure recreation is affordable for families, and marketing is appropriate.

General Manager of Community Services with the CVRD, John Elzinga said despite municipalities developing recreational plans, the exercise hasn’t been undertaken in the regional district since 1985.

“Municipalities have done plans over the last two or three decades, but the region as a whole has not had a plan since 1985,” said Elzinga. “This is the first time since then, that we’ve had a regional plan.”

Elzinga said the strategy prioritized a few things in particular.

“Making sure that recreation is affordable for families, making sure that our marketing is appropriate and it includes the potential for an arts and culture strategy,” said Elzinga. “We really saw a lot of comments about [the] need for arts and culture.”

This plan will be presented to the CVRD’s Community Services Committee on Wednesday and runs through 2025.