The United Steelworkers Local 1-1937 have been on strike for more than five weeks, but finally, we may have a sign of progress in the labour dispute.

The BC Labour Relations Board requested that both the USW and Western Forest Products provide a list of three mediators, in order of preference for the LRB, to determine if there were any common names that came up.

One common name emerged Vince Ready.

Ready advised both parties that before he accepted the role of mediator he wanted to meet with the parties for “exploratory talks,” to determine the likelihood that mediation would be successful.

The United Steelworkers met with Ready on July 31st and it was expected that Western was set to meet with him on August 9th.

The ball is in Vince Ready’s court now, as he will get back to the two parties as to whether he will accept the role of mediator.