Four new BC Ferries vessels will usher in a new era in the mid-2020s, but what are these news vessels going to look like?

That’s exactly what the transportation giant is hoping to find out through the feedback received from more than ten thousand customers, through an engagement initiative.

Tessa Humphries with BC Ferries said, as you might expect, the feedback provided the company with a lot of ideas.

“We heard from customers requesting quiet spaces to escape the noise, technology while travelling, we heard about customers looking for more amenities if they owned pets and a bit more comfort for pet owners, things like charging stations and outlets, increasing the number of those,” said Humphries. “We’re taking all of this feedback that we heard from our customers and we’re using it to inform the design requirements for these new ferries.”

Other topic areas included accessibility, pedestrians, and cyclists, outdoor spaces, family spaces and outdoor spaces.

The vessels that are expected to be retired are the Queen of New Westminster, Queen of Alberni, Queen of Coquitlam, and the Queen of Cowichan.

More than 9,600 people responded online and another 1,700+ took part in sessions on board the ships.