The gorgeous town of Lake Cowichan turns 75 this weekend and there is a huge party going on and what’s a birthday party without a 12-foot cake.

The Mayor of Lake Cowichan, Rod Peters moved to the island town back in 1979 and he loved it so much, he hasn’t left.

He calls Lake Cowichan “Paradise Found,” and said it’s a party this weekend, but the lead-up to this celebration started on July 5.

“It was incorporated in 1944 and we just decided to get the town on the map,” said Peters. “The 75th Birthday Committee decided to put on a big birthday party and the birthday party actually starts this weekend, but they’ve been doing stuff for the last 75 days to enhance our town.”

Peters said there is a lot going on this weekend, including wheeling a massive cake through town.

“There’s logger sports, a baseball tournament, and a bunch of little things going on through town,” said Peters. “We have a 12-foot high birthday cake we’re going to wheel through town.”

75 and Beyond have been giving away prizes for the 75 days leading up to this weekend and the last prize draw is tomorrow.

It’s a pair of sweet gift certificates for a guided river drift on the Cowichan River, a prize worth one thousand dollars.

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