The Somenos Marsh Open Air Classroom will offer people a birds-eye view when an observation tower is completed.

The project will cost close to $60,000 thousand dollars: $25,000 comes from Mosiac Forest Management, $11,000 dollars came from the builder in donated services, and the balance of the cost came from community donations.

President of the Somenos Marsh Wildlife Society Paul Fletcher said the tower should be completed by early to mid-September.

“Talking to the workers, because its a project they come back to and go away from, they’re talking about two or three weeks,” said Fletcher. “We’re really hoping it will be early September.”

Fletcher said once completed, classes can be held at the top of the tower.

“This offers the opportunity for a full classroom to be up in the air at the same time,” said Fletcher. “If there’s a teacher up there or if one of our people are up there, they can talk to a group of 18 to 20 kids at the same time.”

Fletcher said the tower will offer views of Somenos Lake and the long field where most of the waterfowl are regularly spotted.

Somenos Marsh viewing tower under construction. Kyle Christensen, staff.