It’s the last long weekend of the summer and ICBC has some tips to stay safe on the road.

On average, five people die on BC roadways every Labour Day long weekend and 610 are injured in 2,200 crashes.

ICBC Road Safety Coordinator Caroline Robinson said there are a number of tips to staying safe if you’re heading out on a trip.

“If you’re heading out on a trip make sure you’re rested, you know your route, check road conditions for crashes and things like that,” said Robinson. “Look out for motorists, there are a lot of motorcyclists and RV’s, we have people who are coming from other areas of Vancouver Island and might not know where they’re going.”

She said that drivers should, “Use caution and be aware.”

Despite distracted driving killing an average of 77 drivers on BC roadways every year, people are still putting their head down to send that text or email, taking their focus off the road.

Robinson said texting or talking on the phone while you’re driving isn’t worth the risk.

“We can’t stress enough how much you are distracted mentally, if not physically, by having a phone, a conversation, especially a text, it just takes too much away from focusing on the road and you can travel a tremendous distance when you’re looking away from the road for a few seconds. Put the phone away,” said Robinson.

On Vancouver Island alone, 71 people are injured in 320 crashes on this long weekend.