Students will have a new curriculum in BC this year, as this is the first week of the new school year.

Education Minister Rob Fleming said the curriculum re-design process is complete and he explains some of the benefits of the new model.

“We will see BC’s new curriculum added for senior grades, grades eleven and 12, as well as the new graduation program and assessment,” said Fleming. “This signifies that the curriculum re-design process is now complete.”

Fleming added, “Students in the new curriculum will have more opportunities to explore their passions, engage in inquiries, and hands-on activities.”

With the lowest unemployment rate in the country for 26 months and counting and BC students doing some great work, there are a number of new course options available in the province, including courses in environmental science, robotics, engineering, visual and digital arts.

Fleming said the curriculum re-design is geared toward life after high school.

“Develop foundational skills and knowledge and this is all in an effort to help more students, not only successfully complete school and feel good about school and be engaged learners, but the transition, of course,  to post-secondary education and the exciting career opportunities that exist in British Columbia.”

Fleming added that another priority is to ensure students have safe school environments, including the expansion of the ERASE initiative, which stands for Expect Respect and a Safe Environment.”

Some very encouraging news comes in the form of improving outcomes for Indigenous and special needs students in the province.