Parking in downtown Duncan is always a challenge, but for those lucky drivers that find a spot, you will now have an extra 30 minutes to play with.

A staff report tabled at a council meeting earlier this week suggested that parking on Station, Kenneth, and Craig Street’s be increased from 90 minutes to two hours.

For a long time, there was free three-hour parking on those streets, but through a pilot project in the summer, that time was cut in half, to 90 minutes.

The idea was to increase traffic turnover in the downtown area, freeing up more spaces for drivers who are looking to stop downtown for lunch or to run some quick errands.

An online survey resulted in 20 of the 38 respondents voting against 90-minute parking, ten supported two-hour parking, and the remaining eight votes were in favour of continuing the 90-minute parking.

Council voted in favour of conducting a parking capacity study that may see changes that include paid on-street parking, more parking spaces, parking lots, and a parkade; making the downtown core pedestrian-only.

In that case, businesses would circulate parking maps to their clients.