Construction on the Chemainus Library began in the spring and the Municipality of North Cowichan has approved an amendment to the development permit.

North Cowichan issued a development permit to Vancouver Island Regional Library on February 21, 2018, but in the middle of the tender process, the VIRL changed consulting engineers and companies, re-engineering part of the project due to the cost estimates being too high.

The regional library removed the glazing on the major picture window facing east and a canopy on the east side of the building was taken out, but VIRL didn’t get permission from North Cowichan.

Mayor Al Siebring said two major changes were made, but these decisions were made without permission from North Cowichan.

“Two things that were taken out were the glazing, the major picture window that was supposed to face east, pretty much right up to the roofline, they took that out, and they took out a canopy on the eastern wall of the building, over the sidewalk,” said Siebring.

North Cowichan wants the canopy to be re-installed over the sidewalk, as its a common feature of many businesses on Willow Street.

Siebring said the municipality made a decision that won’t impact the opening.

“We had said to them (VIRL), we want the glazing all the way up to the roof, that would be a major structural piece and would have delayed the opening by four to six months, but just the canopy was not going to do that,” said Siebring.